Brake Linings

High quality brake linings are manufactured with state of art technology and machinery. Range of products includes brake linings, moulded brake linings, woven brake linings for all kinds of vehicles in four wheeler and two wheeler category. Ingredients known for best performance like friction dust, resins, mineral fibers, are used in manufacturing. Brake linings deliver a stable coefficient of friction with low wear. Performance is excellent across wide range of temperatures and varying speed.

Moulded Brake Linings

Brake linings are available for wide range of vehicles like passenger cars, trucks, buses, tractors and other heavy duty and light commercial vehicles.
Asbestos free brake lining is made with pressure forging process to assure high density and uniform distribution of friction ingredients.

Salient features are :

  • Longevity in performance
  • Intricate Sensitivity to Speed
  • Absolute stability
  • Ultimate stopping power
  • Low wear
  • Resistance against water

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    Woven Brake Linings

    Highly used in cars, heavy vehicles, tractors, light, semi heavy and heavy range of commercial vehicles.
    Woven brake linings also known as semi-rigid or metallic / non-metallic brake linings posses high coefficient of friction.

    Salient features are :
  • Longevity in performance
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Smooth and silent stopping power

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