About Us


Established in the year 1974, BARNEC BRAKE SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED is an OEM original equipment manufacturer and exporter of roll linings, asbestos brake linings, non asbestos brake linings & brake linings, brake shoe bonded, disc pads, clutch facings, rivets and other automotives. State of the art technology, pro active professionalism and quality delivery are the driving force at BARNEC BRAKE SYSTEM.

The range of products are made on contemporary technology meeting all the O.E specifications of roll linings and brake linings. We engineer high quality asbestos and asbestos-free friction materials for efficient and effective performance.

The unique mix of high quality state of the art manufacturing facilities clubbed with highly experienced production team enables us to deliver quality friction materials for automotive use in two and four wheelers worldwide.

Our Product Range

We are OEM manufacturers of Roll Linings, Brake Linings, Brake shoe bonded, Disc Pads and other automotive products. Each product passes through rigorus testing before reaching you. Our in house R&D facilities ensure high stopping power friction materials for two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheelers in passenger and commercial vehicles. Our Quality standards meet international standards for safety.

Product range offered is Rubber based flexible Roll Lining and Wire Back Roll Lining. Kindly see the product range from menu above.

Rigorous Testing Ensures Safety

Our modern testing lab with latest equipments examines roll linings and brake linings for benchmark quality and safety. The linings undergo temperature tests for wear resistance and performance. In house Chase type Rig testing machine tests coefficient of friction & wear rate of brake lining. Testing process is the first stage to test raw material to ensure consistent and better quality of final product.

Several tests conducted ensure high fade resistance, physical strength, compressibility and consistency in homogeneous composition.

Research & Development, Quality Assurance

Our dedicated R&D section works to design replacement linings for automotive aftermarket. Application specific friction materials are manufactured with perfection. Irrespective of braking styles and behaviours, frictional characteristics of materials ensure utmost safety in unpredictable hard conditioned braking circumstances.

Our meticulous testing method goes through the complete production process at all stages of production. Highest degree of excellence leads to manufacturing parameters in terms of brake linings and rolls' wear resistance and friction stability. A positive feedback from our customers is incorporated in carrying out real tests. Timely delivery and accuracy are the benchmark of our bottomline. The quality standards followed are toughest in the industry complying international quality specifications and O.E performance values.

Infrastructure Edge

To compare our process of manufacturing with our competitor's is to compare distillation with filtration. While most of our competitors makes brake lining with hydraulic process, we use Roll Forming Process, which require top quality rubber, fibre, and chemicals. This ensures better performance. The friction coefficient, wears, and fade characteristics of our lining are one of the best and far superior than others. We have in house testing Laboratory, which includes friction testing on chase type testing machine based on international standards to ensure best quality.


Our high quality brake lining, brake roll lining and friction material for automotive industry is best in performance and stopping power. Our clients span across the world. Long term relations are built with our clients.

"Complete Customer Satisfaction with Quality"